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Technology is Not the Answer: Why "digital" is not the most important aspect of your digital strategy

5 Jul 2019

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Performance Measurement and Metrics: Contextualizing Library Assessment Within a Broader Ecosystem

19 Feb 2018

Athenaeum21 is pleased to announce the publication of the article  "Contextualizing library assessment within a broader ecosystem: Proposed models for linking the strategic to the micro" in the most recent issue of Performance Measurement and Metrics. The article is based on the presentation of the same name at the 2017 International Conference on Performance Management in Libraries in Oxford, UK. Between 2015 and 2017, Athenaeum21 co-founders Christine Madsen and Megan Hurst conducted 96 interviews with research library directors and leaders, library assessment practitioners, and academic experts on four continents about library assessment and its current state in their institutions. The research was funded by the Association of Research Libraries and the Mellon Foundation. A portion of the research was conducted in collaboration with University of California, Davis; University of Oxford; and University of Goettingen.


The article shares "the lessons learned from diverse institutions and geographies about how to build a culture of assessment."


The results, presented in this article, reveal a diverse landscape, with libraries in widely varying stages of assessment performance and readiness. Madsen and Hurst focus specifically on the continuum between micro and strategic assessment and share the lessons learned from diverse institutions and geographies about how to build a culture of assessment. View and/or download the pre-print version, or the final version of the article.





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Athenaeum21 (A21) is an international digital strategy and technology planning consultancy serving organizations that want to derive more value from their past and future investments in data, information, knowledge management, and from the technologies that support them. A21’s approach includes data-driven, iterative assessment, strategy, and implementation, always aligning organizational missions and goals with end-user needs and behaviors. A21 clients include leading organizations in the research and development, publishing, higher education, and cultural heritage sectors in North America and Europe.


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