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Technology is Not the Answer: Why "digital" is not the most important aspect of your digital strategy

5 Jul 2019

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The Role of Communication in Expertise

8 Feb 2016


Athenaeum21 Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Christine Madsen, was recently interviewed by  Sense About Science for their feature Epistemically Challenged- a series about how each one of us explores knowledge. Madsen talks about the role of communication in academia and the need for researchers and scholars not only to be good at something, but to be able to communicate what they do and explain why it is important to people outside their domains.


"Part of learning any trade, or becoming an expert in anything, should be about communicating what you do to other people."


Read the full interview: http://www.senseaboutscienceusa.org/epistemically-challenged-christine-madsen/

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