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5 Jul 2019

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Case Study: Research Study of Users’ Discovery of Library and Museum Resources at the University of Oxford

6 Dec 2015


Clients: University of Oxford e-Research Centre, Bodleian Libraries



In 2015, A21 created a detailed report and recommendations that will define the resource discovery strategy for the University of Oxford’s 100+ libraries and 7 museums for the next 5 years.


A21 led the end-user research and needs assessment portion of the project, and then led the synthesis and analysis of the data across all of the research strands, making the recommendations.



Our work included:


  • A detailed analysis of how current tools and services were failing to meet the needs of students and researchers looking to user collections

  • The scoping of entirely new, non-textual approaches to discovery

  • Identifying and prioritising areas for investment around resource discovery



Further Information

Final Report



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