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March 1, 2019

Client: Oxford University IT Services & Humanities Division

Project Phase 1: Functional Requirements for a Sustainable Digital Humanities Infrastructure (2018)

In 2018, Athenaeum21 carried out an in-depth analysis of the functional requirements of Digital Humanities (DH) projects at the University of Oxford, including extensive interviews with DH project leads, followed by technical and functional analysis for more than 30 DH projects. Our charge, from the university’s IT department and Division of Humanities, was to help the University to design and more sustainable infrastructure for the DH projects. Our research uncovered a more robust and detailed picture of how both active and retired DH projects differ from the most common research data management and preservation models, and of their unique technical sustainability and preservation issues. In response to these diverse needs, we propose a layered service model for creating a sustainable digital hu...

August 1, 2018

Client: Concordia University

Project: Environmental Scan / What Makes a Successful Digital Strategy? (2018)

Concordia University selected A21 in April 2018 to research higher education institutions’ and industries’ digital strategies and approaches to managing digital transformation. The Concordia University Digital Strategy Committee was charged with creating a path-breaking digital strategy for Concordia University and has undertaken work “to determine what actions we need to take to become a next-generation university that embraces the digital reality of our students, faculty, researchers, staff and life in general.”

The committee charged A21 with conducting an environmental scan of how and why digital strategies in a range of organizations succeed, and also why they “fail.” A21 conducted a literature review, web review, and interviews with thought leaders and practitioners in digital transformation and digital skills-building in higher education, non...

December 3, 2015

Client: Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

The Bodleian Libraries holds well over 20,000 manuscripts and serves hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world. Access to over half of the manuscript collections in the Bodleian is effectively hidden to scholars because they are not described online, or those descriptions are not well indexed. In 2016, the A21 team reviewed the existing cataloguing practices for manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries. The aims of the project were to determine a suitable workflow and technical architecture that would both promote findability and allow use by cataloguers with a wide range of technical skills.

  • Conducted a worldwide market review of manuscript cataloguing practices

  • Led a detailed usability assessment of existing systems

  • Made recommendations for improved workflows and technical architecture

  • Designed a sustainability plan around training, communications and standards

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