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Our Approach

From the formation of strategy, to the implementation of new programs and services that fulfill the strategy, to the assessment of new and existing programs and services, A21 helps diverse organizations evolve their information and knowledge systems and services with vision, confidence, and pragmatism. A21 projects can start anywhere within the Strategy / Implementation / Assessment cycle, depending on our clients' immediate priorities, but we always work toward aligning user needs with corporate strategy.


Beginning with a focus on strategy, intent, market and end-user analysis, we help clients determine what they should be doing in the 'digital arena' and why, through:


  • User + Market Research

  • Strategic Planning, including Scenario Planning

  • Systems Planning

  • Product Portfolio Plans

  • Product / Service / Program Roadmaps

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Organizational restructuring to integrate and support the shift toward the digital



Next, A21 helps clients turn strategies into actionable implementation plans through support with:


  • Program / Service Design + Implementation

  • Building Robust and Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

  • Process + Workflow Optimization

  • Mobile-Readiness

  • Accessibility Compliance

  • Build vs. Buy Assessments for Software

  • Physical and Digital Exhibit Design to Maximise Public Engagement

  • Support with Big Data curation, archiving, and visualization projects



And finally, A21 recognises the persistent needs for our clients to justify their budgets and to spend wisely. We assist clients with:


  • Impact Assessment Plans

  • Systems Needs Analysis

  • Product + Service Evaluation

  • Usability Testing

  • Making the Most of Web Analytics

  • Demonstrating the ‘value for money’ of digital services

  • Fundraising and Financing Digital Services including Grant Writing + Reporting

  • Annual Reports